Emmanuel Bilingual Baptist Church - Iglesia Bautista Emanuel


Mens Ministry
Interim Director: Armando Martinez
We want to provide events that help men introduce their friends to Christ and our church, encourage men to grow spiritually through the active study of God's word, enrich the lives of men through fellowship with one another, and provide opportunities for men to become involved in the ministries of our church.
Organized devotionals and brekfasts are planned throughout the month. Check out our events page to join in on the next!
Youth Ministry / Ministerio de Jovenes
Directors: Juan & Marci Garcia

Gathering: Wednesdays @ 7pm
For youth small groups/bible studies click here
 Rooted serivice catered for youth and young adults. An interactive and dynamic experience full of games, videos and give-aways. Bible centered teachings in a practical, relatable way.  
Rooted is a come as you are environment...so wheather you've grown up in church or not sure if you even like church, come by and check it out for yourself!
Childrens Ministry / Ministerio Infantil
Director of Sunday School & Jr Church:
 Gathering: Raquel Inzunza

Sunday School (Sundays)    10:00am  
                                          Junior Church  (Sundays)      11:00am
                                                                    (Wednesdays)      7:00pm
We offer all children Bible Study classes. We teach biblical truths at their individual levels of development using a hands-on approach.
We use Bible-based, child-centered, developmentally appropriate, and educationally and doctrinally sound material published by Lifeway Christian Resources.[Sample Curriculum] We encourage our teachers to participate in ongoing training throughout the year so they can more effectively understand, teach, and minister to the needs of your child in a safe and nurturing environment.
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